Li Chengxia: "Weaver Girl" in the New Era Weaves Gorgeous "Half the Sky"

2022-05-07 17:44

At this year's National People's Congress, Li Chengxia, a deputy to the National People's Congress from Changzhou, Jiangsu, put forward a proposal on improving the skill level identification of skilled workers, which has attracted widespread attention. This representative from the production line has always been concerned about workers' rights and interests, and she is also a technical expert. In Changzhou Laosan Group, Li Chengxia's record of creating a zipper in 33 seconds and producing more than 1,000 pieces per day has never been surpassed for many years.

However, 19 years ago, Li Chengxia, who first arrived in Changzhou, was faced with the embarrassing situation of having no talent and nowhere to go. From an ordinary worker, to a senior garment technician, to a representative of the National People's Congress, Li Chengxia's growth and struggle can be seen from the following four key words.

"Li Tiedan" who is not afraid of hardship

Li Chengxia was born in a rural family. At the age of 14, because her family was poor, she chose to drop out of school to work to help ease the burden of the family. At the age of 20, she came to Changzhou to work and became an auxiliary worker of the garment factory of Changzhou Laosan Group.

Auxiliary workers can only cut thread and do chores. A month later, Li Chengxia set her sights on sewing jobs where wages tripled. Sewing is a skilled trade, and she began to look for opportunities to learn. Finally, after taking the initiative to help technicians rework 2,000 pieces of substandard clothes, her work ushered in a turnaround, and the factory made an exception to train her as a backup sewing worker. In the sixth month, Li Chengxia officially became a sewing worker and completed her first small goal.


After that, she set herself a second goal: to be an excellent seamstress, and to have her photo posted on the "Honor Roll". With the direction, Li Chengxia worked hard day and night to practice skills. She worked from 5 am to 10 pm every day for four months. Co-workers said she was capable and able to endure hardships, and nicknamed her "Li Tiedan".

"Li Laomo" who is diligent in research

no pain no gain. Li Chengxia's sewing skills are becoming more and more proficient, and she can be on the company's honor roll every month, and she has been on the list for more than 10 years.

The third group has been contracting the export business for a long time. Li Chengxia feels that the needle and thread in her hands not only represent the level of personal craftsmanship and the brand quality of the company. She said: "Every piece of clothing that comes out of our hands represents the brand and word of mouth of 'Made in China'!"


The small garage has become a big world for Li Chengxia to embrace the new era. Through technical research, Li Chengxia constantly refreshed the "daily output", increasing the original per capita daily output from 300 pieces to 600 pieces. Later, she worked hard on zipper technology and increased the output of zippers from 600 to 1,000 per capita per day, setting a new record in the industry.


In 2019, the company established the "Li Chengxia Model Worker Studio". Through the "teacher and apprentice" method, Li Chengxia imparted her "unique skills" to everyone without reservation. She has brought out more than 70 apprentices, and has repeatedly won gold and silver in national and provincial skills competitions. Li Chengxia has gradually become the technical backbone of the industry, and has successively won honors such as Jiangsu Province Model Worker, National March 8 Red Banner Bearer, and National Labor Model.

Nosy "Li Daxia"

"Think more about the company, maybe it's useful?" This is a phrase that Li Chengxia often talks about. At work, she found that the motor was always on regardless of whether the sewing machine was working or not. She felt that this was a waste of electricity, so she made suggestions to the company for improvement. Under her suggestion, the company's sewing machines were installed with energy-saving and power-saving devices, which saved 30% of electricity throughout the year, or about 3.63 million kWh.


Outside of work, Li Chengxia is also "nosy". She is very enthusiastic and loyal, which is the unanimous evaluation of her colleagues around her. Around 2012, Li Chengxia petitioned the company over and over again so that her workers could pay enough medical insurance. Thanks to her efforts, all employees paid 30,000 yuan in medical insurance premiums.

In order to allow the left-behind children and their parents to get together more, under Li Chengxia's suggestion and promotion, the Laosan Group established the "Summer Happy Center". Every summer vacation, more than 40 "little migratory birds" come here to reunite with their parents.

Because she sincerely helped everyone solve a lot of practical difficulties, Li Chengxia has another nickname: "Li Daxia".

"Representative Li" who speaks for the people

In 2018, Li Chengxia was elected as the representative of the 13th National People's Congress. However, when Li Chengxia went to Beijing for the first time to attend the conference, she went there happily and returned in dismay.

She doesn't know how to use a computer, and she doesn't know how to speak effectively in front of the media... A series of challenges at the beginning of her career put a lot of pressure on Li Chengxia, who only has a junior high school education.


After returning to Changzhou, she studied computers, improved her education, and exercised her language skills... Li Chengxia put her research into technology to the performance of her duties to comprehensively improve her abilities and literacy, and fulfill her responsibilities as a deputy to the National People's Congress.

In the past five years as a deputy to the National People's Congress, Li Chengxia submitted a total of 18 proposals, all of which focused on the hot and difficult issues encountered by the workers who got along with each other day and night and the people she received. In 2020, Li Chengxia's proposal on expanding the social security coverage of migrant workers was taken as a key supervision proposal by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. "Let the affordable housing realize the dream of new citizens living in peace" proposed in 2021 has been promoted and implemented.


Along the way, Li Chengxia achieved her career with ingenuity and spoke for the people with her solid heart. She used her actions to prove that perseverance can bloom with unique charm, and struggle can light up ordinary life. Recently, Li Chengxia was awarded the title of "The Most Beautiful Woman Character" in Jiangsu.