Chairman Yao's speech at the 2013 Chinese New Year Reunion

2013-04-07 16:31

2012 year-end summary and 2013 work focus - Chairman Yao's speech at the 2013 Chinese New Year Reunion

release time:2013-04-07


The cotton spinning industry has gone through the most difficult year in history. The difference between international and domestic cotton prices is nearly 5,000 yuan per ton. The rapid increase in wages and the rapid increase in RMB have brought unprecedented difficulties for enterprises. The changes in the international situation in recent years have also brought about the uncertainty of foreign trade, resulting in a general reluctance to be an entity in the whole country. There is no hope for this kind of overall bad situation in the near future, but our company must not only survive, but also develop. According to the situation in 2012, our factory's development ability is still very large.

1. Foreign trade work

To maintain and consolidate existing customers and develop new large customers, especially European and American customers, we must have direction, purpose, and focus on overcoming. It should be said that we have the conditions, ability and strength. go out and run the market

2. Production Department

China's new policy determines that our survival must increase labor productivity. In 2020, the country will implement a paid leave system. Under this situation, is there room for survival without improving labor productivity? This year, production must be arranged, positioned, and managed in seconds to improve labor productivity. The increase in labor productivity in 2013 cannot be less than 50%, and the increase in workers' wages is not less than 25%. This year's good workshop recruitment is also good. The production arrangement must be arranged in the positioning workshops such as zippers, plackets, round necks, vests, and blocks. There is a policy of reasonable planning with comparison, competition, rewards and penalties, and the individual champions of the whole factory should be praised. The production arrangement can only wait for grey cloths, but never people waiting for grey cloths. Every arrangement must be checked in place, and frogs cannot be boiled in warm water.

3. Quality management

We must seize the source, be good at discovering good talents, carry forward them, and deal with the quality problems of the workshop in a timely and effective manner.

4. Financially

Safety is the first priority. It is hard to imagine the magnitude of financial risks last year. As predicted at the beginning of the year, the risks are still not small this year. We must strictly control them. Last year, the country's non-performing assets increased significantly.

5. Procurement

To establish a good base, ensure a reasonable run time for the order price, sometimes time is more important than price.

6. Comprehensive department

Do a good job in the logistics service of the enterprise and work safely.

Seven, domestic market

Last year, the shopping mall sold more than 20 million yuan, which is still OK. However, we still have to go out and learn more, form serialization and branding, and strive to create greater results.

In addition, each department should also streamline personnel, and there should be no waste of personnel. What needs to be used should be used. Waste is impossible. Increasing production and reducing expenditure is the long-term policy of the company.

The factory manager said:


Chen Xuejun: In the new year, the situation is more severe and the task is more arduous. We must continue to carry forward the spirit of "wolf team", strengthen the management of the branch workshop, and earnestly care about the production and life of employees, so as to cultivate more excellent employees.


Chen Xiaoguan: We must work hard to improve labor productivity, use fixed-point, positioning, and second management to arrange production, take customer satisfaction as our purpose, create high-quality and high-yield achievements, and meet new challenges and competitions.


Bai Lijuan: Work hard to improve product quality, set up advanced pacesetters in each process, promote advanced operation methods, let employees learn by example, catch up with goals, and make the competition atmosphere of the branch in full swing.


Zheng Hemei: In the face of difficulties, we must have the courage to overcome them. In the face of achievements, we must treat them with a correct attitude. Only by finding out the problems of our own branch can we do better, arrange the various processes reasonably, and make the production work better. Do better.