Completion and acceptance meeting of advanced wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse project

2010-10-23 17:05

Environment and life coexist, environmental protection and health coexist - advanced wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse project completion acceptance meeting

release time:2010-10-23


After the concentrated outbreak of cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake in 2007, Jiangsu Province has taken the lead in implementing the new national environmental protection standards for key industries in the Taihu Lake Basin since 2008. In particular, the main pollutant emission indicators of the printing and dyeing industry need to be upgraded to a new level. After the general manager learned this information, he immediately contacted the relevant scientific research units, and carried out experimental research according to the actual situation of the company, and worked together with the Changzhou Environmental Protection Research Institute, and finally scientifically selected a kind of essence of "one suction, One consideration, one stability, three pieces" craft project. Through activated carbon adsorption, fiber ball filtration, stable discharge from stabilization pools and reuse of reclaimed water, this circular economy model reduces operating costs by 700,000 yuan for the company. On the second day after the official release of the new provincial standard, the company immediately invested 9.8 million yuan in the construction of the new project. The construction started on October 12, 2007. After more than two months of hard work, the company carefully organized the design, construction, installation and commissioning. , and the main body of the project was completed on December 23, 2007. Through the 120-hour full load test, all data meet the satisfactory design requirements. Deputy General Manager Yao said: The completion of the project is not the focus but a new starting point. To maximize the environmental and economic benefits of the project, we also need long-term efforts: promoting clean production, improving management levels, ensuring high-quality and efficient operation of facilities, and starting from Reduce pollutant emissions at the source.

The director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that the Laosan Group's advanced wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse project successfully passed the completion acceptance. As a major emission reduction company in the city, the Laosan Group regards the environment as life and environmental protection as health. It is a pioneer in reaching the standards in the Taihu Lake Basin. The success of this rectification will undoubtedly have a positive role in promoting and learning from relevant enterprises in the city.