The company held a "morality lecture" activity

2011-06-21 16:56

The company held a "morality lecture" activity

release time:2011-06-21

This year is the general evaluation year of the national civilized city. In order to let more people join the ranks of civilization, improve the ideological and moral cultivation and civilization quality of employees, strengthen the construction of "four virtues" such as social morality, professional morality, family virtue and personal morality, strengthen Propaganda and education, guide employees to "accumulate small goodness into great goodness" and "accumulate small virtues into great virtue", consciously become moral disseminators and executors, and further guide people around them to be civilized Changzhou people, proud Changzhou people, Happy Changzhou people, at 2:00 pm on June 20, 2011, the "morality lecture hall" activity was held in pairs by the first party branch of the general party branch of the group company and the party branch of the first branch of the Changzhou State Taxation Bureau in the large conference room of Laosan Group. The event was attended by Huang Lizhen, deputy director of the National Taxation Bureau, deputy director Sun Jie, and Yao Zhuli, deputy general manager of the company, Lin Jingfang, manager of the company's financial department, general manager of the guarantee company, Fang Xuexing, deputy secretary of the company's general party branch, and 130 party members and new citizens. In the moral lecture hall, everyone studied the "Changzhou Citizens' Civilization Code and Code of Conduct", watched CCTV's "Survey on the Status Quo of Social Morality", and filled out the "Questionnaire on Creating a National Civilized City". Views on social morality and the creation of civilization. After the lecture, the cadres of the First Branch of the National Taxation Bureau walked into the workshop and presented the knowledge book "Striving to be a Civilized Citizen and Building a Civilized City" to the workshop workers.


                                                                                                                                         Diao Yuanjunwen / photo


Panorama of the "Morality Lecture Hall"


Guo Xiaoyu from Changzhou State Taxation Bureau presided over the meeting


Chen Guoliang, Changzhou No. 1 State Taxation Bureau, gave a speech at the event


Yuan Zhong from Changzhou State Taxation Bureau gave a speech at the event


Zheng Lanfang, Manager of the Domestic Sales Department of Laosan Group, gave a speech at this event


National "May 1st" labor medal winner, national textile industry model worker, sewing worker of the company's third garment factory: Zhang Yanhong gave a speech at this event



Changzhou State Taxation No. 1 Branch Party Branch presented the "Social Moral Behavior" manual to company employees