The gorgeous life of a working girl to a national model worker

2011-07-07 16:54

The gorgeous life of a working girl to a national model worker

release time:2011-07-07


Zhang Yanhong, with an ordinary name and an ordinary girl, has deduced an extraordinary and beautiful life. Because in the third group, when it comes to Zhang Yanhong, it can be said that no one knows, no one knows, it is the celebrity of the third group and the brand of the third group. Although he is only in his early 20s, he is surrounded by a halo of honor at the municipal, provincial, and even national levels. As an ordinary migrant worker, she used her hard work and sweat to describe the brilliance of a migrant worker and prove her worth of life. Especially in 2010, she honorably joined the Communist Party of China and became a member of the Communist Party. The yellow-haired girl who came out of the village, from the idea of only working to earn money, to the lofty ideal and unremitting pursuit of the people's interests above everything else and serving the people wholeheartedly, I have to say that Zhang Yanhong is amazing. The pride of the people is an example for all of us to learn from.

Zhang Yanhong's home is in a poor village in Shuyang, Jiangsu. The poor family makes this weak girl taste the hardships of life prematurely. In order to lighten the burden on her parents, she voluntarily dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school and gave her two younger brothers the opportunity to continue her studies. She carried a simple luggage, said goodbye to her elderly parents, and joined the team of migrant workers.

As the saying goes: "The poor's children are the early masters". Zhang Yanhong is a true portrayal. Compared with her peers, this young girl is less immature and flamboyant, and more mature and stable. Labor can create wealth, but having superb professional skills is lifelong wealth. Zhang Yanhong entered the third group with this firm belief.

After entering the factory, Zhang Yanhong was assigned to the third garment factory. For a child who has never traveled far, it takes time and courage to adapt to the new environment, but she quickly adapted to the fast-paced and efficient factory life. . Since she has never done sewing work, Zhang Yanhong has to start everything from scratch. She humbly asks the master for advice, earnestly learns sewing and clothing production techniques, and saves money to buy professional books to "charge" herself, from theory to practice , From practice to innovation, after systematic and formal learning and practice, Zhang Yanhong quickly mastered a set of superb clothing production skills.

Knowledge changes fate, and skills bring wealth. The first thing Zhang Yanhong brings with her superb skills is high income. She works as an ordinary sewing worker, but her annual income reaches more than 40,000 yuan, and she has also become the first sewing worker to enjoy company allowances. After tasting the joy of success, she mobilized her parents and sister to join the third group to work together. The family rented a house in the city and had a comfortable and stable life.

All of this should be satisfying for most working girls, but Zhang Yanhong, who is stronger, is not overwhelmed by joy. She wants to climb to a higher level and show more people the demeanor of working girls. In the first half of 2006, she took the initiative to invite Ying to participate in the "Gage Cup" National Knitting Industry Garment Maker Vocational Skills Competition held in Suzhou. Under the recommendation of the factory trade union, Zhang Yanhong first participated in the selection contest of the Jiangsu Province "Zhutang Cup" knitting industry garment maker vocational skills competition, and won two individual awards for T-shirt making "open front" and "top collar". Excellent results got tickets for the national finals. Due to the short time between the preliminaries and the finals, during the critical period of preparations before the finals, she suffered from a severe cold, and her high fever persisted. However, she knew that there were nine provinces, cities, 81 contestants participated, and it is not easy to achieve good results in the finals of the masters. In order to achieve this higher goal, she forgot her illness and reviewed theoretical knowledge every night until late at night. Her hard work paid off in the end. The knowledge base has achieved a good score of 99 points in the theoretical examination, and ranked 11th in the country with excellent operation skills, and won the glorious title of "National Knitting Industry Technical Expert".

In 2007, she was awarded the "Top Ten Women's New Citizens Nomination Award" in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou May 1st Labor Medal, Tianning District Dedication Star, and Changzhou Top Ten Female Heroes Finalist Award; in 2008, she won the fifth prize in Jiangsu Province A labor medal, the provincial "May 1st" female pacesetter, and honorably attended the National Outstanding Migrant Workers Congress, in 2010 won the National Textile Association Model Worker. This year, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions awarded Zhang Yanhong the National May 1st Medal. Facing the honor given to her by the state and the trophies and certificates affirming her ability, Zhang Yanhong felt happy and at the same time did not forget the third group's role in nurturing her and making her a talent She said: Creating wealth for the collective is more meaningful than creating wealth for individuals. It is the third group that gave me a stage to display my talents. In the future, I will create more wealth for the third group and practice in my own work. In order to better reflect the value of my life, enhance the sense of innovation and innovation ability.

Now, Zhang Yanhong is actually fulfilling her promise. During the operation, she figured out a set of reasonable operation methods by herself, and she imparted these methods to other employees without reservation. There are a total of 22 female sewing workers in the second group of the fourth group of the third garment factory where she is located, and each of them is her apprentice and each of them is her sister. Especially for new employees, she not only taught them skills hand-in-hand, but also told them about her work experience, encouraged them to become talents in their positions, and led everyone to make progress together. It is under the leadership of Zhang Yanhong that her team's monthly salary has always been higher than the average salary of the whole factory, and she has undoubtedly become an advanced team. Due to their strong combat effectiveness, the most complex clothing production tasks usually fall to their teams. No matter how high the technical requirements are and how strict the quality control is, Zhang Yanhong and the others always rely on their true skills and the strength, tenacity and unyielding spirit of the workers to submit satisfactory answers to the company again and again, even the chairman of the board. He praised Zhang Yanhong's team for producing inspection-free products, which is a resounding brand of the company.

In addition, in the production process of the company, when encountering some technical difficulties, she also took the initiative to offer "golden ideas" based on her years of accumulated experience. In May 2010, the company received a batch of orders from Japan. The fabric is georgette, and the hem of the garment has a process of pressing the tendon. Generally, it is produced with a flat car presser foot. Due to the particularity of the fabric and the cumbersome process, it is very difficult to Yes, many employees are reluctant to do it. Zhang Yanhong took the initiative to contact the mechanic in the workshop. Based on her years of operating experience, she suggested that the mechanic should install a closing tap on the sewing machine so that she could control the size by herself. Her suggestion was strongly supported by the mechanic. After several days of improvement and implementation, the double-layer fabric was successfully added with beef tendon at one time, thus saving three processes, doubling the labor time, greatly saving manpower, material resources and financial resources, and improving production efficiency. Success was rewarded by the company.

Exquisite skills come from the love of work and the pursuit of hope, but this does not represent all of Zhang Yanhong, because she has a higher pursuit, which is to join the Chinese Communist Party. When she came to Laosan Group on the first day, she felt the care and warmth of the party organization. In life, work and study, there are party members' role models guiding her, and she already has in her heart. One wish, I want to join the Chinese Communist Party. An ordinary working girl can become the pride of the third group today. In the process of her growth, the party organization of the third group devoted their efforts and love. The party organization often communicated with her to help her broaden her ideological realm and improve her skills. Ideological awareness, the love of the party organization is like a trickle of spring rain, which melts into Zhang Yanhong's life bit by bit. While Zhang Yanhong's skills are constantly improving, her ideological awareness is also constantly improving. In 2010, the party organization decided to absorb her after a serious inspection. Prepare party members for the CCP. Under the bright red party banner, Zhang Yanhong clenched her fists and made a solemn oath.

As an ordinary employee in production, Zhang Yanhong has acquired superb professional skills through innovation and entrepreneurship, which will become her lifelong wealth; for the third group, having employees like Zhang Yanhong is the driving force for the economic development of the enterprise He Yuanquan; for the entire society in a period of high-speed transition, Zhang Yanhong's devotion to work, high spirits, and high spirits have set a good example for all migrant workers: relying on hard work and wisdom, we can also live a wonderful life! Zhang Yanhong's superb skills and hard-working spirit have erected a flag for party members: our party members must strive to be the first to be the best!