Changzhou Laosan Group Co., Ltd. Safety Education and Training Activities

2011-07-29 16:52

Changzhou Laosan Group Co., Ltd. Safety Education and Training Activities

release time:2011-07-29


In order to further strengthen the health, environment and safety awareness of our employees, improve safety precautions and on-site handling capabilities, make every effort to popularize safety knowledge and promote safety publicity. On July 12, 2011, under the arrangement of Xu Wei, the vice president of Changzhou Workers' Amateur Science and Technology School, the trade union of the group company invited Jiao Jianrong, director of the labor protection department of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, to come to our company to give a lecture on health, environment and safety education and training. The activity was presided over by Fang Xuexing, chairman and secretary of the labor union of Laosan Group. Yao Zhuli, deputy general manager of the group company, made a summary of the safety work in the previous stage, clarified the importance of safety work, and put forward higher requirements for future safety work. More than 100 representatives from various branches, departments and leasing units of the company participated in the training activity. In the training, Minister Jiao played the shocking pictures of the scene through vivid explanations and combined cases. By analyzing the instant tragedy of blood and tears, he shocked the nerves of the lucky ones, awakened the awareness of safety precautions, and kept in mind the legal responsibility to protect life. Each trainer deeply feels the importance of mastering safety knowledge, attaches great importance to it in thought, and improves their safety awareness.

After the lecture, Fang Xuexing, chairman and secretary of the company's labor union, expressed his gratitude to Minister Jiao for his wonderful lecture, and put forward requirements to all participants, asking everyone to effectively improve their awareness of safety responsibility through this study, do a good job in publicity, and let everyone All employees have safety awareness, actively strengthen preventive measures, effectively prevent and eliminate all kinds of safety accidents, and comprehensively promote the safety production level of the enterprise to a new level.