Give full play to the role of party organizations and strictly control the resumption of work

2020-02-11 21:05

"The body temperature is normal, this is the mask provided for you in the factory..." Wu Yaping, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of the Laosan Group, skillfully operated the ear thermometer while telling the employees who entered the factory.

Today is the first day of the official resumption of work of Changzhou Laosan Group. At the gate of the group, a bright red party flag is flying. In order to do a more standardized and orderly business resumption, the Party branch of the Laosan Group has set up a volunteer post for party members. , The backbone of the group's party members and volunteers is responsible for monitoring the temperature of employees entering the factory, registering employee information, and distributing masks.



Since February 5, the general party branch of the Laosan Group has begun to prepare for the resumption of work. However, in order to meet the "four in place" conditions for resumption of work in a short period of time, the company suddenly encountered difficulties: buying and selling large quantities of masks, insufficient forehead guns, and insufficient disinfection materials... The general party branch of Cailing Community learned this information , acted quickly, not only contacted some sources of masks and forehead thermometers for the third group, but also dispatched volunteers to help the company prepare quarantine dormitories that meet the standards. Faced with a large number of migrant workers returning to the factory, what should I do if there are not enough manpower? How to carry out the registration and management of employees in a more orderly and efficient manner? Li Qiang, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Cailing Community, and Wu Yaping, Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch of Laosan Group, suggested that: through the establishment of a party member service team, set up a party member volunteer post to serve the company's resumption of work.



The party member volunteer service team is divided into a liaison group, a logistics group, a material support group, etc., with a team of 8 people. At present, the third group has completed the "one person, one file" screening of 258 employees. By establishing an employee WeChat group, fixing a party member for management, and carrying out on-the-job training, employees can clarify the precautions for work, meals, and disinfection during the epidemic prevention period, and improve employees' self-protection awareness. The party members on duty are responsible for measuring the body temperature of employees three times a day, giving timely feedback on various situations, and supervising the disinfection work in all aspects of the enterprise every day, registering them on the record and making rectifications in a timely manner.