Developing a work ethic and culture based around the people employed, “Technology led by people, development led by technology” is Laosan’s developing tactic.

Many talented employees have gained great knowledge and talents including No. one and several top 10 knitting and technical awards.


Laosan is not only doing order form production, but also focusing on developing brand –new dealing up domestic. Then established Jiangsu VENI & VICI Apparel LTD and HONGKONG VENI & VICI International Group Ltd. While VENI & VICI and QINGQIN were registered as trademark.
Men’ style of VENI & VICI was shown and impressed the audience in the Tenth Jiangsu International Fashion Festival.
Laosan researched and developed 30 kinds of fabric( Polar fleece, ants fleece, fine polyester, etc.), Annually, produces 25 thousand tons of raw knitting and woven fabric, 60million pieces/sets garments.


1. Base on data/information system, improving management, tapping potentialities of resources such as human resources. By strengthening facilities maintenance, utilizing machine above 95% to boost production.

2. Researching and developing fabric, look out for new groundbreaking materials with the purpose of further expanding market home and abroad.

3. To seek survival from conservation of energy and reducing effluent, to promote development by break-new- ground science and technology. To ensure benefit from economy and environment on the basis of preventing from abusing water, electricity and gas.

4.Laosan changed management system. Branch factory is put into independent accounting, sole responsibility for its own profits and losses.

5. Project succeeds with renewed equipment , including technological upgrading, print and dye expertise.

6. Laosan embraces excellent management talents and technologists whom are positioned properly in order to improve the mechanism of human    resources.